Masters in Hospital Administration



Across the globe, there is an increasing focus on quality, optimisation, improved productivity, and sustainability in hospital operations. The vital administrative functions of a hospital, including accounts, human resource management, quality, logistics, and supply chain, public relations, marketing and waste management are increasingly being managed by professional healthcare managers to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in day-to-day operations.

In India, the current Hospital Bed to Patient ratio is under 1:1000, way below the global ratio of 3:1000. There are new hospitals emerging in second and third tier cities and greater availability of super specialty health care and health insurance. Income levels are rising, there is an ageing population and growing health awareness, and increasing medical tourism in the country. The healthcare sector is growing at an explosive pace, estimated to be a compound annual growth rate of 15% by the Brand Equity Foundation of India in their March 2014 report. 

Coupled with increasing complexities and advances, healthcare delivery has created a significant need for professionally trained health care managers.


  • Identifies the need for professionals and produces graduates with a sound foundation in management, and a strong sense of business ethics and societal responsibility to meet the unique and dynamic challenges of the healthcare sector not just locally but in a global context.
  • Offers students a unique advantage of learning the basics of administrative skills from the tertiary super-specialty hospitals under hospital administrators’ guidance and supervision to develop the necessary managerial skills. 
  • Offers specialised training in soft skills has to enable the students to remain relevant and competitive in the dynamic healthcare sector. 
  • Provides a research orientation to foster creative thinking, critical analysis, and innovation, thus contributing to the creation of a knowledge economy.
  • Aims to produce healthcare administrators with proficiency in healthcare facility planning and management of services to achieve organisational goals within the ethical and legal framework.
  • Provides state of the art facilities with advanced radio diagnostic equipment. 
  • Students are trained at Ramaiah Group of Hospitals with more than 2500 beds.
  • Offers research-oriented programs fostering creative thinking and innovation.


  • Group Project

    Students are meant to carry out a group project. Each group will have up to five students. The purpose of the group project is to study and understand a given department or system and identify problems and issues in running the operations of the department. The students are required to analyse and validate the benefits of the proposed hospital strategic plans or solutions through appropriate research methodologies.

  • Hospital Internship or Project

    Students can opt for an internship in a hospital, insurance company, or healthcare start-up during the course. Alternatively, students can undertake a mini-project requiring a self-directed study that can be perused within the affiliated Faculty. It is also necessary for the student to submit a report and make a presentation to the members of the panel constituted by the HoD for assessment.

  • Dissertation and Publication

    This course has two parts – a Dissertation and a Publication. Every student has to undertake the dissertation work individually on a chosen relevant topic. The topic needs to be approved by the committee constituted by HoD. Publication is a stage wherein the dissertation work of the student is converted into a technical paper to be published in reputed conferences or journals.

  • Application-based learning program.
  • Offers research opportunities
  • Includes internship, training, and placement support with various universities and industries worldwide.
  • Includes expert guest lectures from various institutions and industries.
  • Includes workshops, hospital visits, group discussions, and debates.
  • Ensures small batches to encourage in-depth learning.
  • Includes Group Project and Dissertation as output.

  • We offer accommodation in student hostels on our campus and even offer third-party off-campus hotels where necessary to ensure students can focus on what matters the most.
  • Our on-campus facilities include WiFi at any time of the day, 24/7.
  • From a host of eateries and laundry facilities, we ensure that students have access to all facilities.
  • We encourage students to participate in co-curricular activities on campus which include sports and cultural events, both at a university level and a faculty level.
  • We help students focus on independent and sponsored research with projects and a dissertation.


Course Credits
Principles of Management

19HAS501A Theory

Organisation Behaviour in Healthcare

19HAS502A Theory

Accounting in Healthcare

19HAS503A Theory

Marketing Management in Healthcare

19HAS504A Theory

Epidemiology and Public Health Administration

19HAS505A Theory

Management of Clinical Services

19HAS506A Theory

Hospital/practical training- 1

19HAS507A Practicals



  • Theory
  • Tutorials
  • Practicals

Course Credits
Hospital Planning and organisations

19HAS511A Theory

Management of Non- clinical Services

19HAS512A Theory

Human Resource Management in Healthcare

19HAS513A Theory

Soft Skills

19HAS514A Theory

Quality Management in Healthcare

19HAS515A Theory

Biostatistics and Operations Research

19HAS516A Theory

Hospital/Practical training- 2

19HAS517A Practicals



  • Theory
  • Tutorials
  • Practicals

Course Credits
Materials and Inventory Management in Healthcare

19HAS521A Theory

Financial Management in Healthcare

19HAS522A Theory

Healthcare Analytics

19HAS523A Theory

Strategic Management in Healthcare

19HAS524A Theory

Health Economics and Health Insurance

19HAS525A Theory

Legal Aspects and Ethics in Healthcare

19HAS526A Theory

Research methodology

19HAS527A Theory

Hospital/Practical Training- 3

19HAS528A Practicals



  • Theory
  • Tutorials
  • Practicals

Course Credits
Group Project

19HAS531A Theory Practicals

Hospital Internship

19HAS532A Theory Practicals


19HAS600A Theory Practicals

Conference/ Journal Publication

19HAS533A/19HAS534A Theory Practicals



  • Theory
  • Tutorials
  • Practicals


Teaching and Assessment

Students are required to score an overall 40% mark, inclusive of CE and SEE. Students will be declared to have passed the Semester Examination if they obtain not less than 40% marks in written examinations and practical examinations, with a 40% marks in the aggregate including internal assessment of each subject. Students need 40% marks (including CE) in project work and a viva wherever prescribed.


  • Hospital Administrator

  • Healthcare consultant

  • Health service manager

  • Project Manager

  • Quality Manager

  • Operation Manager

  • Department/​Division director



Candidates require a 50% mark in aggregate with a degree in MBBS, BDS, B.Sc, Nursing, BPT, BAMS, BHMS, or any other undergraduate program.

Fees & Scholarships

University Seats:

  • Rs 2,23,550 per annum


  • Foreign students should have 10+2 equivalent qualification approved by the Association of Indian Universities.
  • Should have proof of proficiency in English with a minimum TOEFL score of 8.

Fees & Scholarships

NRI/ Foreign Students:

  • USD 3000 + Other Fee Rs.38,550 per annum

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