Animal Tissue Culture Facility

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    Gnanagangothri Campus
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    Students, Faculty / Staff, Research
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This FLAHS facility is used to conduct experiments that involve the removal of cells, tissues, or organs from an animal, and their subsequent placement in an artificial environment conducive to growth. 

Department: Department of Biotechnology

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab: 300 sq ft

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Biosafety Cabinet Class II — Type A2ThermoFisher Scientific1
2CO2 incubatorThermoFisher Scientific2
3Automated Cell CounterCountess, Thermo Fisher Scientific1
4Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope with cameraLabomed1
5Solvent Filtration AssemblyPCI1
6Nylon Membrane FilterPCI1
7Single channel 1 ‑10 micropipetteBorosil1
8Single channel 20 – 200 micropipetteBorosil1
9Single channel 100‑1000 micropipetteBorosil1
10Steripette XLThermoFisher Scientific1
11Multi channel pipette 10 – 100 ulFinnpipette (Thermofisher)1
12Liquid Nitrogen Tank 50LThermoFisher Scientific1
13Liquid Nitrogen Tank 20LThermoFisher Scientific1
14Vacuum pumpTarsons1
15FumigatorBharath Scientific1
16Minifuge — Table top spin winTarson1