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A part of the Department of Food Technology, the Food Quality Laboratory is designed and equipped to test the quality and safety of food. 

The Food Quality Testing Facility conducts proximate analysis (moisture content, crude protein, total ash, crude fibre, fat, and carbohydrate), vitamin and mineral analysis, and food adulteration tests. Food Safety Analysis includes microbiological food quality analysis, preparation of alcoholic beverages, microbial preservatives, identification of food-borne pathogens, and the study of mycotoxins. 

Department: Department of Food Technology

Particulars of the Facility

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1FermenterSemi Automated (Lab Scale/​10 Ltr Capacity) used for preparation of wine2
2Uv — Vis SpectrophotometerSystronics, Double Beam Uv-vis, 6 Cuvette Holder Spectrophotometer1
3Hot Air OvenLab Scale (Microbiology) Used For Drying Glasswares , Hot Air Oven (14 X 14 X 14) Stainless Steel, 250 Degree C Working Temp 200 C — Inner S.S — 304 Grade2
4Hot PlateLab Scale / Used For Heating Of Chemicals, Hot Plate (8 X 8) Stainless Steel Working Temp 300 C — Top Plate 304 Grade — Outer Ss 304 Grade,Thermostatic Control / 5 C, Temp 5 C Above Ambient To 300 C, Top Plate Size — 8 X 8 Inches, 1000watts Power Supply1
5Heating MantleBorosil, 500ml Capacity / Used For Heating Of Chemicals7
6Ring Water BathRing Water Bath — Inner Ss 304 Grade, Outer Ss 304 Grade, Thermostatic Control, Outer Chamber Made Of Stainless Steel, Temperature Range — 5 C Above Ambient To 95 C, No Of Holes — 12, Inner Chamber Size — 48 X 35 X 10, 2000 Watts Power Supply/​Used For Heating Of Chemicals And Media1
7Ph MeterLabman, Lmph ‑10 / used for detection of ph of foods1
8CentrifugeRemi, Revolutionary High Speed Centrifuge Regulator,Digital Speed Meter Timer1
9Microwave OvenTo boil the media1
10Laminar Air FlowLab Scale/​Isolation And Culturing Of Microorganisms1
11Bod IncubatorBacteriological Incubator (14 X 14 X 14) M.S Powder Coated, 70 C Working Temp : +5 C Above Ambient To 65 C, Inner S.S 304 Grade, Outer M.S Powder Coated, Double Walled, Temp : 5 C Above Ambient To 65 C, 42 Liters Capacity/​Culturing Of Microorganisms1
12IncubatorLab Scale/​Culturing Of Microorganisms1
13Soxhlet ApparatusBharath Scientific Model, 1000 Ml Capacity Flasks1
14Muffle FurnaceUsed For Determination Of Dietary Fibre And Total Ash Content. Muffle Furnace (50 X 100 X 50) M.S Powder Coated 1200 C Working Temp 1100 C , Outer Ms Powder Coated, Double Walled, Temp — 5 C Above Ambient To 1100 C, Inner Chamber Size — 125 X 250 X 125, 3 Kilo Watts Power Supply1
15AutoclaveAic Model, 50ltrs Capacity, Chamber Dimension 350 X 550mm / Sterilization Of Media And Glasswares1
16Monocular MicroscopesLab Model / Used For Identification Of Microorganisms, Microscope Medical Monocular With Oil Luxury Immersion Lens100x & Mechanical Stage, With Led Illumination & Battery Back-up, Model — Cxl Mono(Led), Labomed Make15
17Binocular MicroscopesMicroscope Binocular Laboratory With 4‑optics & 100x Oil Immersion, With Led Illumination & Battery Back-up, Model — Opti Cx, Labomed Make1
18Weighing BalanceLab Model / Used For Weighing Up To 10kg1
19Electronic BalanceBalance & Weights, Electronic Balance 200 X 0.001gm (1 Mg) Model-cg-203l-pan90 Mm With Windshield, Aczet Mak / Used For Weighing Of Chemicals1
20Distillation Unit (Double Distillation)Borosil, Distillation Unit Double Built In Heater 1.5lit/Hour Horizontal1
21Magnetic StirrerMagnetic Stirrer Without Hot Plate 1 Ltr With Digital Speed Indicator / Used For Mixing Of Chemicals And Reagents2
22Refractometer (Hand & Digital)To Determine Refractive Index2
23Fume HoodLab Model / Chemical Fume Exhauster1
24RefrigeratorLab Model (Vertical/​350ltr) Used For Storage Of Microbial Cultures And Chemicals1
25Digester Infrared Six Position (For Kjeldahl)Borosil/​Used For Estimation Of Nitrogen And Crude Protein Content In Food Samples1
26Ultrasonic Bath (Sonicator)Labman/​Used For Rupturing Cellular Contents And Extraction Of Bioactives1
27CalorimeterSystronics, Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter With 8 Filters1
28Digital Colony CounterLabtronics, Model: Lt-371