The Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences brings together an industry-focussed curriculum, experienced faculty members, and a sharp focus on cutting-edge research to offer students an immersive education in biotechnology, food technology, and allied health sciences. 

FLAHS offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and academic research programmes.

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Academic Research Programmes

The Academic Research Programmes offered by the Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences are uniquely structured. They acquaint students with the pressing challenges of the world today while also encouraging them to explore solutions to successfully resolve them. Aligned with the vision and goals of the University, these programmes promote inter- and multidisciplinary thinking and collaboration. They provide a conducive environment for students to sharpen their research skills and pursue their areas of interest.

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Studying at FLAHS

As a part of the Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, FLAHS adopts the University’s approach to education. Multidisciplinary thinking is encouraged, an agile and comprehensive curriculum is implemented, and outcome-based learning is pursued.

Proctorial System

The University follows a proctorial system under which every student is assigned a faculty member as a proctor/​mentor. This ensures that students are closely guided through their academic and professional careers.

Application-based Learning

The Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences promotes application-based learning to complement classroom learning. Seminars, workshops, and rigorous training programs are an important aspect of all programs offered by the Faculty. 


Internships have proven to be yet another avenue through which students can not only sharpen their practical skills but can learn more about the latest treatment plans, procedures, and equipment. Internships also help students plug any existing gaps in their knowledge and acquaint themselves with their future field of work.


Innovation is dictated by research. Comprehensive studies, thorough analysis, and evidence-based findings help ensure a scientific approach to out-of-the-box thinking and inventions. 

Research at the Faculty of Life and Allied Health Sciences is conducted primarily in the areas of biotechnology and molecular technology, food sciences and technology, public health and policy, and allied health sciences.